Preparing For A Stay In A Corporate Short-Term Housing Apartment

Short-term corporate housing fulfills the requirements of many business travelers who need to spend a few days or a week in an unfamiliar city. Motels and hotels that cater to tourists do not normally have all of the amenities available that will allow someone to stay comfortably in an area without bringing along a large amount of basic supplies. These same hotel rooms often force business travelers to compromise and to go without basic necessities while working or relaxing at the end of the day. Corporate short-term housing in an actual apartment fills many of these needs. Travelers who are staying in one of these apartments need to prepare for a short-term stay differently than when staying at a hotel.

Cooking, Groceries And Appliances

Hotels do not always have refrigerators in the room and do not consistently provide a microwave or other appliances. When preparing for a short-term stay in an apartment, these issues do not really exist. It is best to purchase food locally after arriving so that a normal diet can be maintained. The apartment will have a working refrigerator and kitchen appliances. Most locations will even include a number of basic housewares, such as plates, cups, eating utensils and a few pots. A coffee maker might also be available. This means that most of the food and coffee consumed during the stay can be prepared directly in the apartment, so budgeting for expensive restaurants is not necessary.

Facilities On The Premises

Some short-term corporate housing is available in buildings that are part of a luxury rental community. Even those that are not often have a number of different amenities directly on the premises. Some basic tasks, like laundry, can be done in the building without having to find a separate coin operated location. This means less clothes will need to be packed. Travelers who have particular daily routines might also find amenities like a pool or fitness center located conveniently on the grounds. All of these extras will make staying in the apartment more relaxing while reducing the amount of planning that must be done ahead of time.

Business Resources

Apartments that are rented or leased as short-term corporate housing have some business resources available. Internet access and local phone calls are normally provided, since they are necessary for many types of work. Larger apartment complexes commonly offer a business resource center that includes fax machines, desktop computers and copiers. A short-term corporate apartment that offers these types of business resources makes it very easy to work from the location. The only items that need to be specifically packed by the traveler are a mobile device and possibly a laptop. Everything else will be handled through the resources of the rental complex.