Which Is a Better Option When You Buy a New House – Apartments or Villas

While purchasing a house, one question that arises in the mind of the buyer is what type of house to purchase – an apartment or a villa? Different people will give you different reasons and suggestions. But, it is best for the individual to decide what he must buy. Here are some major points that will help you to decide which kind of a structure is preferable for you.

Advantages of Owning an Apartment over a Villa

• Apartments having a large number of houses attract a large number of businesses to be set up nearby, which results in quicker area development. This in turn results in rise in the value of the property.

• Big apartments have built-in facilities like clubhouse, swimming pool and gymnasium. This leads to having a healthy and active life for all age groups, which is a must in the current high stress life that everyone is living.

• In case of any problems to be solved, all the members of the apartment stand together and the association formed takes care of handling the problem, which helps in a quicker and reliable solution, unlike in villas where one has to deal with every problem alone.

• Taking out the garbage is done on a regular basis as compared to that in the case of villas. Hence, cleanliness is maintained well.

• Apartments in high rises provide better ventilation and sunlight, which is very essential for the body to receive.

• If you own an apartment and you need to shift elsewhere, the association or your neighbours might help you to sell or rent out the apartment which will lessen your efforts.

• If you are staying in a city where you don’t have any friends or relatives nearby or if you are a senior citizen with no supportive family, it’s always better to live in an apartment, considering your security and any kind of help required during emergencies. Even if you are a nuclear family and both husband and wife are working, an apartment is a better choice. Your house as well as your children, if any, is more secure in an apartment. This also serves the case when you need to travel to some other city for a few days.

Advantages of Owning a Villa over an Apartment

• The biggest advantage in owning a villa is that you can design the structure and interior of your house as per your choice and needs, which is a drawback for those living in apartments. You can even modify your house as you wish in the future in case you want to stay with the latest trend or if you have a growth in the family, which is not possible if you live in an apartment.

• Since the land of your villa belongs solely to you, you can renovate or demolish and rebuild you property at any time you want. In the case of an apartment, you need to get an agreement from all the members of the society and take legal permission from the association to take such a step.

• Unlike an apartment, you get the maximum amount of privacy you need in a villa. You get the kind of environment you need to live. If you live in an apartment, you have to adjust your way of living with the neighbours around to some extent. If you are a person who prefers a silent living and you have noisy neighbours around, it may cause lots of problems for you. On the other hand, if you are one who believes in parties and socializing a lot and you have a silent and boring neighbourhood, it might get difficult for you to adjust with them.

• At the apartments, you need to pay regular monthly maintenance to the owners’ association whether you use the amenities or not and the maintenance charges keep increasing year after year. While living in villas, you don’t need to pay the maintenance bills for the amenities that you do not use.

What we can conclude from the above points is that both apartments and villas have their own pros and cons. It cannot be judged that one is better than the other. The choice entirely depends on the individual’s preference and circumstances. Whether you plan to purchase an apartment or a villa, Adisesh Green City is here to help you take the first step to build your dream home.